Graduate Guide

College of Natural Science offers master’s (M.S.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in the field of physics, mathematics and chemistry.


The main areas of research include theory and experimental plasma physics for fusion science and astronomical/space applications, physics for accelerator and beam mechanics, quantum/optical physics, theory and experiments of complex soft materials and biological materials.

  • Plasma Science
  • Beam Physics
  • Soft matter
  • Statistical Physcis
  • Quantum Matter
  • Optical Physics


The graduate program of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UNIST provides a stimulating research environment with many opportunities for interdisciplinary research and collaboration with domestic and foreign researchers.

  • Algebra
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Geometry / Topology
  • Applied mathematics


Graduate students carry out research with one of our over twenty faculty members, who lead cutting-edge research programs in inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical and materials chemistry as well as chemical biology.

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Materials / Polymer Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical / Theoretical Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology / Biomaterials