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Natural science is an important study to understand the natural phenomena of the Earth and the universe using mathematics language. It has grown to make the Earth rich and developed in the 20th century. Unfortunately, these developments have also caused problems such as energy, disease, food, and environmental problems. In the 21st century, along with continuous development, natural science should focus on solving these major problems facing humanity.


For this aim, an understanding of natural phenomena, especially materials, is becoming more important. Materials are based on the atom (physics), molecules (chemistry), and polymers (physics, chemistry, and life), and math can use as the language of their description to explain natural phenomena. Based on the fundamental understanding of materials, natural science can be expected to contribute to developing new materials such as energy, semiconductor, catalyst, new medicine, etc.


Natural science in the 21st century is beyond textbooks and applied to engineering, thus it plays an important role in solving the many facing problems of humanity and can expand into the understanding and utilization of the universe in the future.


UNIST is focusing on artificial intelligence, carbon neutrality, semiconductors, and smart health to solve facing problems of humanity. These research topics are required multidisciplinary cooperation by integrating many departments, not by a single department, to reach the final goals. From this point of view, Natural Science at UNIST is

expected to contribute to these research topics by exploring the basic principles and considering interdisciplinary

applications of materials.


Therefore, the College of Natural Sciences at UNIST is looking for students who fundamentally try to solve these problems,

and by training these students, we want to contribute to the development of mankind.


Dean of College of Natural Sciences, Kwon, Tae-Hyuk